Kinetic Arts is a small, private art studio.  We make leaded, stained, painted, mosaic and sandcarved glass; pen & ink, charcoal and graphite drawings; watercolor and acrylic paintings; and photographs.  Our work can be found in homes and churches throughout the country, including New Jersey, New York and Massachusetts, California, Arizona and Nevada, Arkansas, Texas, Georgia and Missouri, Florida, Indiana and Colorado, and more.

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Wintereve   Foggy Twilight

 Mourning   Foggy Morning

Tulip   Tulip

Representational  Window

Arts & Crafts Lamp   Iris Mosaic

Art Deco Irises   Victorian Style Window   Mary Windows

The Kinetic Arts Glass Studio is firmly grounded on studies of the age-old, time-tested techniques and styles passed down from the masters of stained glass - from the unknown ancient artists, to the well-known 20th century artists Louis Comfort Tiffany and Frank Lloyd Wright. The studio works with clients to suit their taste, color scheme and budget

The Kinetic Arts studio specializes in windows with strong stylistic influences, such as Art Nouveau, Art Deco, Arts & Crafts, and Victorian. Kinetic Arts also offers Representational windows, Religious Windows, Mosaics, and classic leaded glass patterns, some in use for hundreds of years, for use in furniture insets (bookcases, entertainment units, kitchen cabinets), interior transoms and entryways.


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