Glenda Haggard Remembers

From Typed Document Entitled, “Glenda Haggard Remembers”

Suplees – Grandfather Suplee came to Ohio from Honey Brook, PA. He was a buttermaker. He worked for great grandfather Edwards at East Liberty, OH and married his daughter, Elisabeth Jane. When they went to get married, she wore a sunbonnet and old coat until they were out of the neighborhood. Didn’t want neighbors to know they were going to get married.

Grandfather Suplee moved to Ohio in 1877, moved to Parker, Indiana in 1893. He moved to run a creamery, but the creamery burned. So they moved to Muncie and worked at Warner Gear.

Cecils – grandfather Cecil (Zachariah Whitcomb) nicknamed Whit, was born in Delaware County, Indiana, although at the time of his birth it was part of Wayne County. He was born near the reservoir. They tell that once he drove hogs to Cincinnati to sell on the market. When he enlisted in the army for the Civil War, he started to walk to Richmond, the county seat. His father drove him in the buggy. He was wounded at Chickamauga (was a flag bearer). Was sick for a long time and given a disability discharge (gangrene below rib). LaVern Leeka has the ball that Zachariah was wounded with, his muzzle-loading rifle and a copy of his war record.

Grandmother was born near the same place. Her mother died when grandmother was 13, and she lived with her mother’s sister (Duncan). Grandmother’s name was Mary Elizabeth King. She had two brothers: John who lived in Iowa, and Lon who lived in Muncie. Lon was a carpenter. I don’t know what John did, but I remember him being here a couple of times. Nice looking, well dressed and pleasant. I never saw Lon but once or twice and he was ill then. All I remember was his very white hair and I think he was tall.

Grandmother’s father remarried and lived at Dublin, Indiana. When his second wife died, he came back here and lived in Parker, and later lived with grandmother. He and grandpa didn’t get along very well, according to Dad. Great grandfather was so tall, Mary had to make his clothes.

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